6 Reasons You Should Try a Climbing Workout Copy

Vertical climbers are the all-in-one strength and cardio machine you didn’t know you needed.

One of the most common reasons people say they don’t work out regularly is that they don’t have enough time. Fair. We’re all trying to do 100 things at once. Adding one more thing to our daily to-do list can seem like an impossibility. But there’s a secret that people who work out regularly know: Workouts don’t need to be time-consuming to be effective. Plus,with the right at-home equipment, you don’t even need to go to the gym to make it happen.

On days when you’re just looking for the most efficient way to sweat, a high-intensity workout—that works every major muscle group—is the best way to get it done. That’s one reason vertical climbing has become so popular in recent years.

Crafted with the busy at-home exerciser in mind, CLMBR is a vertical climbing machine that makes it easy to get in a full, efficient climbing workout without having to step outside your home.

That doesn’t mean the workout itself is easy, though—in fact, climbing workouts can be cardiovascularly intense. But because this machine can give you a serious full-body strength and cardio workout in a short amount of time, it’s perfect for any time-pressed person who’s trying to work fitness into their daily routine.

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What Is a Vertical Climbing Machine?

A vertical climbing machine is a piece of fitness equipment that mimics the movement of climbing up a set of stairs or hiking up a mountain. The climbing motion works everything from your legs all the way up to your shoulders and arms, thanks to the ergonomic and adjustable handles you’ll move as you climb. It’s also one heck of a cardio workout.

With ample-sized textured foot pedals, a large-format touch display, and Bluetooth connectivity, CLMBR is a fully customizable climbing machine that is still slim enough to fit in your living room or bedroom. CLMBR also has adjustable resistance—from zero to 11—so that you can customize your climb and make interval training a breeze.

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6 Benefits of Vertical Climbing Workouts

If you’re still wondering if climbing workouts are for you, here’s why they might be worth adding to your workout regimen this year.They combine strength and cardio into one workout.

When you incorporate vertical climbing workouts into your routine, there’s no need to dedicate separate sessions to strength and cardio. The movement naturally checks off both at once, thanks to the demands climbing puts on both your muscles and your heart and lungs. Talk about efficiency.They work most major muscle groups in the body.

According to CLMBR’s research, the machine engages up to 86 percent of your body’s muscles, including muscles in the legs, butt, back, shoulders, arms, and even your core, making it a true total-body workout. (Your heart and respiratory muscles count, too!)They are extremely low-impact.

Unlike running, your feet stay planted on the CLMBR throughout the entire workout. This makes it extremely low-impact—meaning you’re not subjecting your joints to all that pounding and pressure that can wear them down over time and ultimately lead to pain and injury.They are totally doable in small spaces.

Standing at seven feet and four inches high with a footprint smaller than three square feet, CLMBR is designed to fit almost all indoor spaces. The machine weighs 180 pounds and has wheels that make it easy to move, so you can take it out when you want to use it and easily put it away after your workout. But honestly, the sleek black aluminum structure makes it a machine that blends in pretty seamlessly with other home gym equipment.They bring the gym right to you.

Beyond fitting nicely in your home, CLMBR truly lets you bring the fitness class to you with a large-format touch display and surround sound that will fully immerse you in whatever on-demand classes you choose to take.

Speaking of classes: You’ve got options. CLMBR lets you choose from an extensive library of on-demand workouts of varying lengths and trainers, so you’ll always find something that fits your mood and workout goals for the day.Climbing workouts make it easy—and so satisfying—to track your progress.

When you’re doing a workout on CLMBR, the machine will automatically track your metrics and provide you with workout summaries. You can also test a few fitness benchmarks, including power output, endurance, and sprint speed, to see how you improve over time. You can even connect your fitness tracker and sync all your data to get a full picture of just how far you’ve come from your first-ever climb.